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You will all be receiving a ballot(s) in the mail some time in the next day or two. You will notice there is only one or two ballots to vote for, depending on where you work, this is because the following officers were nominated and unopposed. Therefore the follow positions were elected through acclamation and will serve a 2 year term:

President: Dan Morse

Vice-President: Grace Velasquez

Secretary-Treasurer: Daniele Rose

Sargent-at-Arms: Chris Duquette

Western Region Executive Board: Richard Harrigan

Central Region Executive Board: Frank Ojeda

Northeast Region Executive Board: Amara Freeman

Southeast Region Executive Board: Clinton Silva

Trustee: Paul Faria

Trustee: Cecilia Crawford

Trustee: James Collins


***IMPORTANT*** Make sure you put your ballot(s) in the blue envelope and seal it then (fold it if necessary) and put in the prepaid envelope for return. It is important you use the provided materials to ensure your vote counts! They are numbered to prevent fraud.