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PREA Group Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


On June 10th, we met with Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason and staff from the Department of Justice and the PREA Resource Center to discuss problems with PREA and potential solutions. In addition to AFSCME staff, ACU members John Hillyard and Marty Hathaway attended the meeting.


The meeting included candid discussion of a number of our questions and concerns with PREA, including:

  • Announcing the entrance of female officers onto male housing units
  • Cross-gender monitoring of female inmates in the hospital
  • Improper use of background checks
  • Cross-gender monitoring of inmates on constant observation status


Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason and her staff demonstrated a willingness to listen to our concerns, and have committed to working with ACU on an ongoing basic. Specifically, Department of Justice staff have committed to:

  1. Submit the questions we raised to the DOJ-PREA Working Group, and to provide answers publicly where possible
  2. Accept additional questions as they arise for consideration by the DOJ-PREA Working Group
  3. Include clarifying information on issues raised by AFSCME within the FAQs and other appropriate areas
  4. Attend the upcoming Public Safety Congress in September
  5. Consult AFSCME/ACU for input on certain documents produced by the PREA Resource Center including a current draft document related to staffing
  6. Create a process for more regular communication and sharing of information including scheduling another meeting between ACU and DOJ—with participation from Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason—in approximately six months to touch base and ensure that we are making progress in our efforts to address our concerns.


Going forward, we will provide periodic updates to keep everyone informed on the progress of our work with DOJ. But, as always, please feel free to reach out any time with questions, comments or concerns.


In Solidarity,


Darrin Spann