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from the DYS Workers of AFSCME 1368 Greetings from the Massachusetts Dept of Youth Workers, AFSCME Local 1368. If you are a member, please note that you will need to be logged in, to view much of the information that you are looking for. As always, please feel free to contact us with your questions! Paul Faria, President AFSCME Local 1368

Welcome to AFSCME Local 1368

Welcome to the web site for AFSCME Local 1368, Massachusetts Department of Youth Services Employees. Most of the content on this website is only visible once you are logged in, so please be sure to register here to receive our updates. Be sure to take some time and go through the entire site, as you will find a great amount of information. Be sure to send your comments and suggestions directly to me. Thank you.

In Solidarity,
Paul Faria, President

ASFCME 1368 News

  • Nominations/Elections for 42nd International Convention

    The 42nd International Convention will be held July 18th to July 22nd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Local 1368 will be holding nominations of convention delegates, it will be held on February 18th 2016 at our local 1368 union hall 84 Broadway 3rd floor Taunton from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

    The election of delegates will be held at our next schedule E-Board meeting on March 17th at 1:00pm until 4:00pm Local 1368 Union hall.

    All interested attending the convention with questions, please contact me.    

    In Solidarity,

    Paul Faria
    AFSCME Local 1368

  • New Personal Leave MOU


    We are pleased to announce a MOU between AFSCME Council 93/Local 1368 and The Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding Personal Time. Attached you will find the MOU signed by all parties.


    Local 1368 E-Board


  • Minimum Dues Increase


    Effective January 1st, 2016 there will be a mandatory dues increase of $.80 per month, which work out to $.40 per pay period for full time employees. This minimum dues increase is a result of research conducted by the international and the overall pay increases of AFSCME members throughout the country. Please see below the attached letter from the International.


  • Behavioral Management System


    The Department has asked us for Programs where we feel the Behavioral Based System has fallen short when holding the young men/women in our care accountable. We as a whole are looking for ways to improve it and make it work better for us all. If you either work at a program which has fallen short in these areas or work at a program where this system in working great then we would like to hear from you! Any ideas are welcome and appreciated, as we move forward to hopefully correct this system and again make it a tool at our disposal.


  • Department Disciplining Staff for Face Book

    Hello All,


    It has come to my attention that the Department is disciplining staff for face book post,

    Specifically the post I personally made on my personal face book page, last March and where someone either commented or hit likes.

    For a little back ground on this, I and others were then bought before a DYS  investigation some months ago in or around April were as it was clear to me the department was not justify to have the need of investigation never mind anyone being disciplined. I nor did anyone else violated a department policy, 

    Since that time we have not heard back from the Department until now, as which the department is handing out formal warnings and or suspension.

    I want every instance of discipline grieved, I will be fileing Unfair Labor Charge on the overall issue.

    Also for the record this web-site is protected as a Union entity post or comments are not subject to the Department scrutiny, we have always maintained a very high level professionalism.


    Please if you or anyone else has any question contract me anytime.   


    In Solidarity,

    Paul Faria 



  • Fire Safety Officer Demand to Bargain (URGENT)

    Brothers and Sisters of AFSCME Local 1368:

                             The Department plans to implement a revised version of their Fire Prevention Policy. The Department will require every Unit, Building, and/or District Office to have a "Fire Safety Officer (FSO)" as listed on the attached policy. The impact of this will affect a lot of our members with an already heavy workload. We, as your Union and on your behalf, demanded to bargain over the impact of this policy due to how greatly it would affect the members of Local 1368 (See Attached Letter). The Department agreed to bargain and our first meeting was held on October 6th, 2015. Our next meeting will be held on October 22, 2015 and we need your help! Anyone who is currently in this role or any of you who have feedback or concerns please contact us! There is a lot being put on the Fire Safety Officer in this policy and we need your help to make sure it can be done.

    Thank you,

    In Solidarity The Executive Board of AFSCME Local 1368.

  • AFSCME Council 93 22nd Biennial Convention - Nominations/Elections

    Attention All Members:

    The 22nd Biennial Convention will commence on November 5th and end on November 8th 2015, unless the business of the convention should end sooner.

    Nominations: will be held on October 2nd, 2015 from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM at the Local Union Hall (84 Broadway 3rd Fl. Taunton, MA 02780).

    Nominations must be made in person and the member being nominated must be in good standing (up to date on your Union Dues). "A delegate representing a local union must," from the month of July, 2015 "until the opening of the conference be a member in good standing of the local represented" (International Union Constitution, Article IV, Section 12).

    The Nominated person can accept in person or by written acceptance on the above date and time at the above mentioned location.

    Elections: Should the need arise for an Election, Elections will be held on October 5th, 2015 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM at the Local Union Hall (84 Broadway 3rd Fl. Taunton, MA 02780).

    Votes may only be cast at the above mentioned date and time, at the above mentioned location.

  • The 93 Beacon

    Here is the latest edition of the Council 93 Newsletter "The 93 Beacon" for your reading pleasure.