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from the DYS Workers of AFSCME 1368 Greetings from the Massachusetts Dept of Youth Workers, AFSCME Local 1368. If you are a member, please note that you will need to be logged in, to view much of the information that you are looking for. As always, please feel free to contact us with your questions! Paul Faria, President AFSCME Local 1368

Welcome to AFSCME Local 1368

Welcome to the web site for AFSCME Local 1368, Massachusetts Department of Youth Services Employees. Most of the content on this website is only visible once you are logged in, so please be sure to register here to receive our updates. Be sure to take some time and go through the entire site, as you will find a great amount of information. Be sure to send your comments and suggestions directly to me. Thank you.

In Solidarity,
Paul Faria, President

ASFCME 1368 News

  • Local 1368 Executive Board Election Results

    AFSCME Local 1368

    Department of Youth Services Employees Union

    Report of the Elections Committee

    Election Results


    Executive Board

    Paul Faria - President

    Dan Morse - Vice President

    Daniele Rose - Recording Secretary

    Jeremy J. Comeau - Sergeant-at-Arms


    Chief Stewards

    Ainsley Laroche - Metro Region

    Richard Harrigan - Western Region

    Eric Pimental - Southeast Region

    Amara Freeman - Northeast Region



    Sheila Cooper

    Jim Collins

    Sonya Taver

  • Local 1368 Elections

    Dear Brothers  & Sisters,

    To ensure that our members get an opportunity to vote, we are holding the elections of officers 
    this year via mail-in ballots.  Along with this type of voting method, we have to make every attempt to ensure the confidentiality of how our members vote.  
    Our elections will be overseen by the Local 1368 Election Committee and a member of AFSCME Council 93 staff as well.

    Mail ballots are being mailed out this week 10/19/2014.

    In Solidarity,

    AFSCME Local 1368 Elections Committee

  • Contract Update

    New provisions of each contract are contained in Implementation Memoranda which will be issued shortly.  These will also include salary increase information and new salary charts.  All salary increases will go into effect this week with employees seeing the change in their pay advices of 11/21/14.   All retroactive pay (for AFSCME, MOSES and Local 509 members) will be processed for the 11/6/14 – 11/29/14 pay period with employees seeing the change in their 12/5/14 pay advice......


  • Contract Funding

    Hello All

    Good news to report last week .
    Massachusetts House of Representatives approved a$77.8 million final FY2015 supplemental/deficiency budget that included approval of our state unit 2 contract; our Suffolk and Barnstable County Sherriff contracts; and our contracts with the Middlesex South and Essex North and South Registries of Deeds. The spending bill also included approval of contracts for our higher education members in Local 1067 and Local 507 at U-Mass Dartmouth. The bill now moves to the Senate where it could be taken up as early as next Tuesday. We thank AFSCME members for their patience throughout this process and we’re pleased that we were able to move this legislation forward. We will keep you posted on action in the Senate.

  • AFSCME Local 1368 Executive Board Nominations

    Doubletree by Hilton 
    Boston North Shore 
    50 Ferncroft Rd. Danvers, MA 

    General Membership Meeting for the purpose of accepting nominations for the Local 1368 Officers.
    The following positions are open to nominations and are for a two (2) year term beginning in October 2014:

    President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms, five Executive Board members (1 from each region), and three (3) Trustees. 

    Nominations can be made in person or via email at comeau1368@gmail.com

    If more than one person is nominated for each position, there will be further information to follow regarding an election via mail ballot.

    In Solidarity,
    Local 1368 Election Committee

  • Update on State Contract

    Last Thursday, July 31, the Massachusetts State Legislature concluded what is known as” full Formal Sessions.” 
    The final Formal Session ended without legislative action on a final FY14 supplemental budget, which included funding for our Alliance Unit 2 contract and our contracts with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.  The legislature’s failure to act on the supplemental budget was based on a number of factors – none of which appear to be related to the funding of our collective bargaining agreements.  

    However, because the legislature did not pass the supplemental budget before the July 31 end of Formal Sessions, many of our members are understandably concerned that their new contract agreements cannot be funded until next year.  I’m writing to let you know that there is still a possibility we can get the contract funding authorized in the coming weeks and months and we are cautiously optimistic that we can make it happen.

    To understand why it is still possible to get the contracts funded, one must first understand the difference between Formal and Informal Sessions of the legislature.

     In Formal Sessions, roll call votes are taken and members must be present in order to have their votes on legislation recorded. In roll call votes, how each member votes on a bill is documented and virtually all members of the legislature are present.   

    In Informal Sessions, legislation is passed on what is known as a “voice vote” meaning the vote is taken by a call of the yeas and nays.  Unlike a roll call vote, there is no record of how a legislator votes on a voice vote.  Typically, only non- controversial matters are acted on in Informal Sessions and you will see only a handful of members present for these sessions. 

     Although Formal Sessions have ended, the legislature will continue to conduct business through the end of the calendar year but will do so in Informal Sessions.  A great deal of legislation is passed in these Informal Sessions and it is entirely possible that the legislature will act on the contract funding in one of these Informal Sessions.  That being said, it could be more difficult to get the contract funding passed in an Informal Session as any proposed legislation brought forth for passage in an Informal Session can be killed if just one single legislator objects to its passage.

     If that in fact happens, we would be looking at waiting until the start of the new legislative Session in January to have funding authorized.  The good news is that AFSCME is not alone in this fight.  In addition to our contracts, there are approximately 45 other union contracts included in this supplemental budget.  

     We are currently working with legislative leaders and these other unions in an effort to prevent such a delay from happening.  At some point, we may be calling on AFSCME members to contact their respective legislators to support these efforts.  However, at this point in time we do not see the need to do that.  For now, we remain cautiously optimistic that we can we can secure funding for the contracts in Informal Sessions.   Should any leaders or members have any questions please feel free to have them email or call me at 617-367-6012 or 978-866-2283.

    Jim Durkin







  • Election of 1368 Delegates and Alternates

    The elections of delegates and alternates representing AFSCME Local 1368 will be held
    AUGUST 21, 2014
    From: 1:30 to 3:30 PM
    Place: Local 1368 Office 84 Broadway Taunton Ma.


  • Biennial Legislative Conference of Council 93

    The Seventeenth Biennial Legislative Conference of Council 93, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, will be held in Danvers, Ma. at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel North - Shore - beginning at 10:00 AM, Friday, September 19,2014 and remain in session until Sunday at 12:00 P.M., September 21, 2014.unless the business of the convention shall have completed sooner.

    Please view the attached PDF relating to the recent implementation of PREA. If you have any questions, reach out to us either directly or via your steward.