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Application for the Brian Stickler Scholarship

To apply Please Send Email to Sheila Cooper at Secooper25@verizon.net
Application for the Brian Stickler Memorial Scholarship:
In memory of a man who was dedicated and committed to maintaining the rights of Public Employees and ensuring justice for all members. He serves as an inspiration to those who follow in the field of labor. $500.00 scholarship, Will be Divided between 2 applicants
Applicants Name
Street Address
City/Town State Zip
Sponsored by    (Officer/delegate)
Local # 1368  Name of Facility
Name of School to which applicant has been accepted Address of School
Note: This scholarship is only open to children of employees of AFSCME Locals who are members of SUMMUP. In addition, in order for the applicant to be eligible for this scholarship, both the applicant and the local must be in good Standing. Proof of school enrollment must accompany this application before A check will be issued
Deadline: To be eligible for the Scholarship, all completed applications
must be postmarked no later than May March l9l1 2014