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1. Why haven't I received a card for my eye care?

Davis Vision, www.davisvision.com does not actually issue a membership card. All benefits are either administered over the phone or over the web.
2. How do I file a grievance?
Go to the Grievances section of this site, fill out a grievance fact sheet, send it directly to the Local, and your steward will contact you for more information.
3. How can I become a Steward?
Contact President Daniel Morse or the Area Chief Steward 

4. If I buy back prior service, does it affect my seniority date?
No, Any buy back of time will only affect your retirement benefit, not your seniority date.
5. Is it true, that the first 10 days of maternity/paternity leave are paid?
Yes, the first 10 days are paid and can be used at any time within the first year of birth, in 1 day increments.

6. The over time procedures works how in my unit. (see the attachment)