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GIC Reimbursement/Overpayment Memo

Dear AFSCME Unit 2 Local leader:
     As I suggested in my e-mail last week, the Commonwealth has notified all those who received an overpayment in error that the overpayment has taken place, and a reimbursement will take place via the paycheck to be issued April 15, 2011.  A copy of the letter most, if not all of them, have already received is attached.  All employees who were underpaid were made whole in the April 1st paycheck.
 A report I have just reviewed indicates there are 1983 Unit 2 folks from whom a deduction is to be made.
    The approximate breakdown of amounts overpaid is as follows:
    $700+         2    people
    $600+         5      "
    $500+        25      "
    $400+        36      "
    $300+        75      "
    $200+        418     "
    $100+        375     "
    $50+         199     "
    $0-49        772     "    
 The practical impact of this overpayment/reimbursement will vary from individual to individual.
   For those folks who have no question with the amount of the overpayment, there is no need for any employee to do anything.
    For those who have a question as to the amount of overpayment and how the figure was reached, we suggest you urge them to call the OptumHealth phone number provided in the attached letter.
   For some, the repayment set for the April 15th check may well constitute an "economic hardship," from which they may wish to seek some relief. Please note that if an employee was overpaid less than $300, they will only see one deduction.  However, if the employee was overpaid more than $300, they will have further deductions of no more than $300 until the balance is paid.
     Neither the Commonwealth nor the vendor can "forgive" the overpayment that was made on March 18th, but our office is working with the Commonwealth on the timing of the reimbursement schedule, though all repayments need to be completed by the June 10, 2011 paycheck.
   So, if any member asks how and if an "economic hardship" based modification of the timing of the reimbursement date(s) can be arranged, advise them to first contact their payroll office, which is aware such requests may be forthcoming.  If the payroll office cannot make the requested accommodation, advise them to call OER at 617-878-9792, with whom we are working to insure appropriate consideration can be afforded every such request.
   Watch your e-mail, and I will get you any new or added information of which I become aware ASAP.
 Joe DeLorey