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Justice department ends prison privatization

have some great news to share with you today: The Department of Justice just announced it will end its use of private prisons after a critical report showed these for-profit facilities don’t provide the safety and rehabilitation our communities deserve.

This decision reinforces what we’ve always known: The dedicated women and men working in our nation’s federal, state and local public prisons keep our communities safe, day in and day out, and they do it more cost effectively than for-profit prisons. Corporate prisons cut corners to make a profit with devastating results: higher levels of violence, escapes, recidivism, and inmate and staff deaths.

Private prisons are a failed experiment.

We’ve just released a statement in support of this announcement which you can read on our website as well as on Facebook and Twitter. The Washington Post’s initial report on this story, including a copy of the Justice Department’s memo, can be found on washingtonpost.com.

We applaud the Justice Department’s decision to discontinue the use of private prisons, and we call on state and local governments, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, to follow their lead and reject for-profit prisons once and for all.