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Message From the President

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

          I write you today to inform you I have accepted a position as Staff Representative for AFSCME Council 93 effective July 1st, 2019. This was not an easy decision for me and my family to make as the work I have done with the help of our executive board and table officers has been nothing short of amazing. My passion for serving you never wavered and never will. My family and I felt now was the time for me to move on in my career. I will attempt to bring the same type of prosperity we have found together to as many more of our sisters and brothers as possible.

          Through my time as your president we have forged ahead getting pay grade increases for Groupworker I’s, II’s, and III’s as well as for ISO II’s and III’s. We have fought tirelessly to bring down staff assaults by working with various other agencies, as well as our own, to have your voices heard and mandated the Department make systematic changes to how they hold youth accountable through the pressing of charges without releasing your personal information. We have created the four-day work week which has lower forced overtime, lowered staff assaults, decreased burnout, and made our sisters and brothers feel like they actually get time away from work. Through contract negotiations we have removed language preventing you from being promoted or granted a voluntary transfer/reassignment due to discipline, and while we still fight to see acknowledgment, we are now starting to see its true impact for everyone. I am equally proud of how visible we have made our union to the average member, keeping open lines of communication and ensuring we fought tirelessly for each and every one of you.

          I will proudly finish out my term as your president and continue to push our employee first agenda while fighting for fair wages and benefits for all our sisters and brothers. However, the day to day operations of the Local will be carried out by Vice President Francisco Ojeda who I have the utmost confidence will continue on the amazing progress we have all made. I know your executive board will work tirelessly with him to continue to create a safer workplace and to continue the progress we have made in all other aspects of your jobs.

          I want to thank you all for having faith in me to help guide us in the right direction. I have served this local for well over 10 years and wouldn’t trade away a day of it. It is my honor to call you all my Union brothers and sisters. Even in my new role I will forever be a tireless advocate for you all, fighting for you to be recognized for the incredibly difficult job you do and for you to receive the appreciation you truly all deserve.

          In Solidarity,

          Daniel Morse

          AFSCME Local 1368 President