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New Year update

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

On behalf of the AFSCME Local 1368 Executive Board, I would like to wish you a happy holiday season, and hope the New Year to come will be one of good health and prosperity.

We have experienced a lot of change and accomplishments in 2014.  We continue to focus on Labor-Management relations and the Safety Concerns State Wide with accountability to the bargaining process. The Local1368 Executive board held elections last October with the retirement of our pass beloved Vice President Sheila Cooper we now welcome Dan Morse as V.P. who offers many years of experience he has serviced as Chief Steward in the Northeast region and Steward to his fellow brothers and sister in Central area as well.


Some of the Highlights of 2014:


  • The ratification of our Collective Contract Agreement with salary increases in excess of 9% we continue to negotiate on annual distribution of .25% in next two years, for monetary provisions to use on Personal Vehicle Usage Stipend, Grade Increase to some titles, training and more.
  • The flexibility related to late arrival for weather conditions of state emergency three positive changes
    • First, hardship from making it to work we can utilize leave and avoid being “docked” or “NOP”d. 
    • Second, related to late arrival to work up to (1) hour notice we can utilize available leave time.
    • Third, the CBA creates a Joint Labor Management Committee meeting to deal with responding in emergencies and the Alliance is dedicated to insuring accommodations and benefits.
  • Continue accountability to Assaults on Staff Procedure protection in Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Continue processing use of Vacation Time while enforcing the MOU.
  • EQ MOU - The Right to Reassignment to all Excess Quota (EQ) or Temporary Positions open in your title.
  • Transfer/Reassignment rights to all 5 regions with the same procedure.

Members of Local 1368, under the umbrella of Council 93, are a part of the largest and most influential union in Massachusetts: AFSCME.  The joined forces of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees are able to provide its members with advantages far beyond those attainable by smaller organizations and individuals.

AFSCME International continues to work federally US Department of Justice responded to our letter asking for a meeting about implementation of the PREA standards, the meeting with the Department of Justice will be held early part of the New Year.

SALARIES:  The average union member earns more than nonunion workers.

BENEFITS:  In addition to our access to health insurance, the combined bargaining power of the locals, AFSCME backing has provided us with access to other benefits such as life, disability, prescription, dental and vision coverage; generous options for paid and unpaid time off work pensions and tuition waivers. JOB PROTECTION:  While layoffs may be inevitable during economic hard times, your union contract provides you with advance notice and call-back options not afforded to workers in the private sector.  Your union also provides clear procedures your employer must follow, eliminating much of the uncertainty faced by workers elsewhere, as well as support during and after the layoff process. 

ADVOCACY:  Our union represents and supports you if our contract has been violated or you've been treated unfairly.

VOICE:  Representatives from your local's Executive Board meet regularly in Labor/Management meetings and with the Office of Employees Relations with top administration to ensure a free exchange of information, concerns and ideas.

PARTICIPATION: Lastly, I would like to thank all of those that ran for a position on the Local 1368 Executive Board.  I look forward to working with your elected board members in the upcoming year.  Please join me in congratulating the following AFSCME Local 1368 Executive Board:

Vice President – Dan Morse

Secretary /Treasurer – Miguel Guzman

Recording Secretary – Daniele Rose

Sergeant-at-Arms – Jeremy J. Comeau

Central Region E-Board – Larry Williams

Northeast Region E-Board – Amara Freeman

Southeast Region E-Board – Eric Pimental

Metro Region E-Board – Ainsley LaRoche

Western MA Region E-Board – Rick Harrigan


Please remember that any member can serve as union officers or representatives to a variety of important issues and union committees and task forces. Members also have the right to vote on contract ratification, constitutional changes, and union position statements have suggestions for future contract language changes, please send them to Pfaria1368@gmail.com or Staff Representative Mark Bernard, mbernard@afscme93.org   


In Solidarity

Paul L Faria, President

AFSCME Local 1368