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Union Cards

Brothers and Sisters,

PLEASE READ IN ENTIRETY: Your Stewards will be coming around asking you to fill out a membership card for them. This is important as we do not have an accurate list of addresses for you all and when we sent out our yearly letter we received many back with bad addresses. We have elections coming up and those will be done through the mail, important correspondences can be sent out this way to inform you of what is going on with your Union

The top section is about being AFSCME Strong: What does that mean? It simply means that when the people who look to destroy your Union come to call that you will stand up with us, your local Union Leadership, with AFSCME Council 93's Leadership, and AFSCME International's Leadership to defend the rights we have collectively bargained over and won for years. 

The middle section is to update your address and have a "green card" on file for you. This is something you did upon employement with the Commonwealth and we still have only the address you originally signed up with. Some of the more longstanding members will have moved 2-3 times since them, possibly more in some cases.

The bottom part is for AFSCME PEOPLE. What is AFSCME PEOPLE and why is it important to me? Well like it or not our jobs are political...In some ways this is a detriment, but in one big way it is a bonus. YOU GET TO CHOOSE YOUR BOSS, that's right with every election cycle you can change your boss at will. The issue with this is funding, despite what some want you to believe we can not (and would never) use your dues for political contributions...that's where AFSCME PEOPLE comes in. This is separate from your dues and goes to AFSCME friendly politicians who will protect your jobs, fight for you to get better wages and benefits, and keep your workplace open (Just like they did in Taunton with the State hospital grounds). Trust us when we say the people who want to sell your work off to the lowest bidder are hard at work to take your jobs...they funnel millions of dollars into campaigns for people who would hire vendors into your state job. So this is the BIG ASK....for the price of a cup of coffee a week, just $4.00 a pay check (pretaxed so it is even less), and probably an amount you wouldn't even notice; YOU get to help choose your boss! Not only that but you get a coat in the mail delivered to your door simply by checking off what size you want AND you earn points for every dollar you donate towards other AFSCME items. Please sign up for AFSCME PEOPLE help YOUR UNION level the political playing field and keep your job safe!