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As many of you know we have been involved in a dispute with the commonwealth around a contract which involved .25% of the total contract value and how to use it. The committee which was formed @ 4 years ago has finally completely resolved this issue. The first portion of that money was distributed as a one time payout any member who was working when the contract commenced and was still working when it was paid. You saw this I believe a month ago in your paychecks. This money was originally intended as upgrades for various DMH, DPH, DDS, and ISO positions in DYS. The stipulation being all the money had to be spent exactly and it would be part of the budget for each year from now on. While negotiating with the commonwealth there was a surplus of money left over and the committee decided Groupworkers II and III should get that money as they fit the financial parameters to use it all. I was made aware this was a possibility less than a month ago. You will or have received a letter stating this and that your new step date is in July. As well as the retro pay out date. I fully wish every title in DYS would have got an upgrade but that was not possible. 


President Morse