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URGENT: Legislative Action Needed

Dear AFSCME Members:

Immediate action is needed by AFSCME state workers to stop a significant increase in GIC healthcare contribution rates and cuts to our sick leave benefits.  

Governor Baker has used his veto power to strike language in the FY2017 budget that maintains current contribution rates for all state employees.

Unless state legislators override this veto, all state workers will be paying 25% of GIC premium costs. 

Currently, workers hired prior to July 1, 2003 are paying 20% of premium costs. 

This effort by Governor Baker sends us down a dangerous path that could result in steady increases in contribution rates for ALL workers in years to come.


The governor is also attempting to use the FY2017 budget to cap accrued sick time, which would reduce our sick leave buyback payments at retirement and may hurt members who unexpectedly face a catastrophic illness or injury. 

You can make a big difference in this fight, simply by making TWO PHONE CALLS.

We need you to call your state representative AND state senator and ask them to oppose Governor Baker’s effort to increase health insurance costs and reduce our earned sick time benefits.

When you call, simply provide your name and where you work and live.  Then ask your legislator to: “support an override of the governor’s veto on GIC contribution rates and reject his amendment to cap earned sick time.”

Any state legislative office can be reached by calling 617-722-2000. If you do not know who your state representative and state senator is, or if you want the direct phone line to their offices, click here for a directory of legislators organized by city and town. 

You can call anytime.  If you get voicemail, leave a detailed message.

These calls make a tremendous difference.  Please take action now and feel free to email me or call anytime with questions including identifying your state representative and senator.     

 Attached please find the letter being delivered to the House re overrides, Finally, please share this information with your members and ask them to make calls as well.


Thank you in advance for your help.  

In Solidarity,

Jim Durkin

Director of Legislation, Political Action and Communications

AFSCME Council 93

8 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02108

OFFICE: 617-367-6012