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Welcome to AFSCME Local 1368

Welcome to the web site for AFSCME Local 1368, Massachusetts Department of Youth Services Employees. Most of the content on this website is only visible once you are logged in, so please be sure to register here to receive our updates. Be sure to take some time and go through the entire site, as you will find a great amount of information. Be sure to send your comments and suggestions directly to me. Thank you.

In Solidarity,
Francisco Ojeda Jr., President

ASFCME 1368 News


    Hello One and All,

    This is a note regarding PREA, and to let you know that your Union, AFSCME, has taken action in the form of notice to the Obama administration.
    I was selected to be a representative from AFSCME Council 93 to the AFSCME Corrections United Steering Committee, which is comprised of thousands of other Correction officers in both adult and juvenile settings around the United States.
    On Wednesday May 7, 2014 the Steering Committee meeting was held in Houston Texas. The activities included the sharing and exchanging of information on what is happening in each of the twenty (20) states that had representatives that attended the meeting with one another.
    The activities began during the Wednesday meeting, followed by training on Thursday and participating in an organizing blitz on Friday with the members of the Texas Department of Corrections members. We went door-to-door knocking on members’ doors to sign up existing Officers who are represented by AFSCME and other Unions in Texas, which as you may know is a “Right to work state”.
    I cannot tell you how lucky I felt afterwards, that we work in this State after hearing and seeing first-hand the conditions of the 30,000 Corrections Officers, and what they deal with in that State with over 170,000 prisoners they are entrusted to keep watch over in both state and private run prison facilities.  During our meetings, several of us made note that the implementation of PREA is costing and causing harm to our direct line staff.  As a result of our discussions, a statement in drafted and drawn up as follows:
    Dear President Obama, 

    The Prison Rape Elimination Act was passed in 2003 with the goal of eliminating rape and sexual harassment in prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities and in other correctional institutions. AFSMCE Corrections United supports the intent of the law, but the details and implementation are severely flawed.

    Throughout the 10 – year drafting and roll out of PREA AFSCME participated in discussions with federal authorities, proved formal input and advocated for a fair, safe and common sense implementation process. However today we have serious concerns with the current application of the law. As implementation rolls out we are experiencing less secure facilities, widespread gender discrimination and confusing and conflicting regulations.

    AFSCME Corrections United is calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to commission a thought review of PREA’s implementation nationwide. Such a review should be immediate, transparent and must fully involve front – line correction employees.
  • Council 93 Memorial Scholarship

    Attached you will find the application and criteria for this year’s Council 93 Memorial Scholarship.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 617-367-6015 or email me at dhurley@afscme93.org.

  • Western Area General Membership Meeting

     Cancelled this date will reschdule 

    On Thursday March 13th
    Location: Springfield District Office. Address is 160 High Street in Springfield.
    From: 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
    Will stay as late as needed President and E- Broad 




  • Application for the Brian Stickler Scholarship

    To apply Please Send Email to Sheila Cooper at Secooper25@verizon.net
    Application for the Brian Stickler Memorial Scholarship:
    In memory of a man who was dedicated and committed to maintaining the rights of Public Employees and ensuring justice for all members. He serves as an inspiration to those who follow in the field of labor. $500.00 scholarship, Will be Divided between 2 applicants
    Applicants Name
    Street Address
    City/Town State Zip
    Sponsored by    (Officer/delegate)
    Local # 1368  Name of Facility
    Name of School to which applicant has been accepted Address of School
    Note: This scholarship is only open to children of employees of AFSCME Locals who are members of SUMMUP. In addition, in order for the applicant to be eligible for this scholarship, both the applicant and the local must be in good Standing. Proof of school enrollment must accompany this application before A check will be issued
    Deadline: To be eligible for the Scholarship, all completed applications
    must be postmarked no later than May March l9l1 2014
  • M. Michael Botelho Scholarship

     Please see below to apply for the M. Botelho Scholarship and please complete the form

    Application for the M. Michael Botelho Scholarship and Brian Stickler Sholarship.

    In memory of a man whose dedication and commitment to maintaining the dignity of Public Employees and ensuring justice for all members. He serves as an inspiration to those who follow in the field of labor. $500.00 scholarship.

    Note: This scholarship is only open to current employees of AFSCME Locals who are members of SUMMUP. In addition, in order for the applicant to be eligible for this scholarship, both the applicant and their local must be in good standing of the SUMMUP General Fund. Proof of school enrollment must be provided to the SUMMUP General Fund Treasurer before a check will be issued for the scholarship

    Deadline: To be eligible for the Scholarship, all completed applications must be postmarked no later than March 19th 2014.

  • Convention Nomination of Delegates

     The 41th International Convention will be held July 12th to July 18th  in Chicago Illinois.

    Local 1368 will be holding nominations of convention delegates, it will be held on Febuary 13th 2014 at our local 1368 union hall 84 Broadway 3rd floor Taunton from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

    The election of delegates will be held at our next schedule E-Board meeting on Febuary 20th at 3:00pm until 6:pm  Local 1368 Union hall.

    All interested attending the convention with questions, please contact me.    

    In Solidarity,

    Paul Faria
    AFSCME Local 1368

  • Local 1368 New Logo - Order Form Attached

     Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    The Local will be selling clothing with our own Logo for work and events this is your Logo and clothing to be worn as you like at work or home.

    We believe this is a great looking Logo and will be well respected in the facilities and community programs.

    Tee's in black and Ash are now on sale for $15.00 see attached order form.

  • Employer’s Re-enforcement of Requirement that Current Training Requirements Must be Met as a Condition of Active Employment

    Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    DYS received the Union President’s October 3, 2011 Demand to Bargain over the impact over what was, initially, the employer’s proposed change in the overtime policy.  The change would have resulted in those member’s whose training certifications had expired being unable to work overtime. 
    The union's demand further requested that DYS cease implementation of the proposed policy until such bargaining can occur.   DYS had participated in meetings with the union on the overtime issue, and we had hoped for a fruitful exchange and an effective airing of the issues and drafting the proposal.  The union had an opportunity to raise its concerns and try to reach agreement with DYS.  The union’s identification of the issue of staff working without required training was very helpful. 
    The Union raised the concerns that under the Employer’s proposal, staff would be allowed to work their regularly scheduled work week but not voluntary over time.  We stated that was unfair and would cause harm, causing the employer to force mandatory overtime, and this would create many more issues.
    Not withstanding these lengthy and complex discussions, DYS was not willing to cease implementation efforts, and chose an effective date for implementation of June 17, 2013.  DYS did undertake extensive efforts to ensure that program managers work with their staff to ensure that all staff were trained and up to date with all subsequent required annual recertification training. Further, DYS heard the union’s concerns and worked on resolving any issues with the CPR eLearning and sent its staff a communication about this and possible solutions. AFSCME Local 1368 having articulated our concerns on the eLearning and training issues was very helpful.
    DYS believes the steps it is taking will eliminate the need for impact bargaining this issue and will alleviate the union's objection to the language in the policy that no staff can work overtime who aren't fully trained.  If the union disagrees, however, DYS is willing to schedule another meeting to discuss this. DYS is committed to ensuring a fair overtime procedure for its entire direct care staff and to working with the union to resolve as many related issues as possible.
    On a much broader issue, since the June roll out of the overtime policy staff were informed by managers that those who were not up to date on their training would not be allowed to work at all and would be sent home.  This, of course, raised grave concerns with the union. 
    The union entered into discussion with DYS Central Office about the issues with such unfair treatment, noting particularly that staff were not informed by the department of such change in working conditions. The union requested the employer cease and desist from engaging in this change, limiting our members’ ability to work, until we could enter discussions on such.
    On October 15, 2013 the Local 1368 President filed a Prohibited Practice charge with the Division of Labor Relations, the state agency that regulates the relationship between public employers and their unions.  The number one issue was the unilateral change in conditions of employment, resulting in our members who did not have current training certifications not being able to work at all.  Such a restriction is a mandatory subject of bargaining. 
    On October 22, 2013 DYS and AFSCME Local 1368 executive Board held a labor management meeting at which the department agreed to hold off restricting employees who were non – compliant with their annual training review from working until such time that employees are given notice by the department.
    Notice is forthcoming sometime in December 2013, advising employees that, prospectively, the requirement of completion of training will be necessary to work.
    Foot note:
    All trainings are full day training with paid time.  No employees will be required to use personal time. If travel to and from the training location