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In 2 Days, Deaths Double


Mass General ICU Nurses Plea : We Need Masks, PPE (Instagram)


No Days Off : Pats Plane Co-Opted to Deliver Supplies


Lehigh : Crisis Frames Our Election Choice


6.65M File UI Claims


Mass Building Trades Urge Stop to Non-Emergency Construction


Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

AFSCME provided us with  information on what the CDC and other sources are mentioned for staffing during this COVID-19 pandemic, along with that we need to make sure that those members who are still coming into work are protected adequately. Often times employers deem respirators as the main source of protection but it is really a combination of infection prevention control and personal protective equipment that give an adequate level of protection to workers.

New Resource For Workplace Harrassment and/or Violence

Investigations COE Communications



To:          All <enter Secretariat/Agency name> Phase I Employees

CC:         Agency Head and/or Secretary

From:    Ron Arigo

Date:     2/6/19

Re:         ANNOUNCEMENT: New Investigations Center of Expertise


Contract Negotiations...?!?

It's hard to believe after our raise we just received but we will be entering into contract talks with the Commonwealth soon enough. Stewards will be coming around with contract surveys and we need YOUR HELP in molding the parameters for the next contract. If we all respond then together our voices will be heard. I (President Morse) will let you know when these are available and once they are I can email them to you for you to fill out as well.


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